Monday, January 10, 2011

Angels & Demons

One aspect of this entire situation that I have not yet touched on is where does my belief in God come into play? I know that what is happening to me is real & have prayed about it thoroughly. I do not have the answers. I do not pretend to. I do not know whether what is happening here would be called ghosts, spirits, demons, or what. This is what part of my journey includes... Like I have said before, I have more questions than I ever imagined.

Here is an interesting link that gives a Christian perspective on entities. Someone shared it with me & I found it quite informative & of course found that it raised even more question in my mind.

I do not know exactly what is causing these experiences yet, but I know that it is deep rooted in the house's history, & that it is real! I seek these answers & plan to explore all avenues & listen open-mindedly at all takes on it. This is a journey for me, whether I asked for it or not, I have to see it through. Please take a few minutes to read the information & let me know what you think... I also plan to post a poll about the information soon.

Could Argo be a demon who is preying on my mind/sanity or is Argo the lingering Spirit of a deceased tenant? The jury is out!


  1. It just depends on whether or not we believe what the Bible tells us.

  2. I would point out that building an argument from the bible, instead of taking its basic message and nowt else (basic message: be cool, folks!) is a recipe for disaster, for, as any priest or vicar can tell you (especially an anglican!), the bible is not one book, but a small library of books, some history, some rhetoric, some visionary, and each author in the bible has their own prejudices, as do the characters.

    Good example: One of the most annoying trolls on the Religion & Spirituality section of Yahoo! Answers (and boy are there a lot of trolls there, on both sides of the imaginary fence!) is "The Corinthians Guy". He just keeps on spouting that line about "thou shalt not let the women speak in the churches", and people keep telling him to shut up. Me? I pointed out that Corinthians was written by Saul of Tarsus (a gentile), and that it largely dealt with his conversion of the romans of Corinth (romans having been a male-dominated society). So it's only natural a roman would say "women shouldn't hold positions of religious/secular power"... but just because the romans said it, would we do it? heck no!

    From my own experiences, the argument that ghosts (IE - dead people come back somehow) are demons/other spirits is, to be honest, a load of old horse puckey, demonstrating a fundamental lack of understanding about demons. In fact, on my PRS forum blog, I wrote something like three articles on the very subject!

  3. jamie, it would be good if you would leave a web address for all us "sinkers" to read your articles.