Thursday, January 6, 2011


This Saturday a Paranormal Research Team will descend upon our house & tell me whether there are ghosts here or whether I am just crazy (as some people have concluded).  Sometimes I feel crazy. Once you've decided that you may be dealing with a haunting, it is hard to know the difference between things that really happen & things you just imagine. There is a fine line between the two.  At first I was convinced that I had an over active imagination & that I was just being a scaredy cat. I really did not want to believe that we were living in a haunted house, & to be honest I still don't want to.

It is January now.  Between August & January we experienced many things that indicate that we are not the only four inhabitants in this house.  At first we joked about our "ghost," but now it doesn't feel like a joke anymore. It feels like one of the most serious things I have experienced, yet it is hard to take it seriously. It is quite hard to explain.

People love to hear me tell about the things that have happened here. It supposedly sends chills down their spines & really I enjoy telling about it! But for some reason I hang in the balance between believing the things I say & wondering whether or not I am crazy.

Am I crazy? Do things like this really happen? Is my imagination running wild? Will my husband (who has only believed one or two of the occurrences without being able to explain them away) get to say "I told you so?" Has my interest in shows like Paranormal State & Haunted History given me reason to believe that these things are paranormal when they are not? I just don't know.

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