Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Skeptical Husband

My husband & I do not see eye-to-eye on this matter... He debunks everything that happens & maps out a reason for it that completely explains it away. This is very typical of men(no offense, but it is true!). He is now armed & ready with a camera & plans to prove me wrong/capture some of the occurrences on film. This should be interesting to say the least.

I had already warned the investigators that my husband was not on board with the investigation, so they were probably expecting the worst from him.  I was proud of him last night! He kept his skepticism to himself for the most part & even provided the charisma & jokes that won the team over & helped them become more patient with his disbelief.

"What is that smell? Are they smoking weed down there?"
"I hope they don't cross the streams!"
"I feel like I'm in prison."
"Whating rods? Aren't those just bent coat hangers?"
"That is the most British looking non-British guy I have ever seen."
"I'm hungry."
"It's my house, if I find a notebook I'll read it!"
"The witchy woman said she tingled when she stood right there & then she sat right down on the couch for ten minutes!"
"She's like 6'7" or something. Her legs come up higher than my belly button!"
"Angels & crosses? She told me she collects vampires & werewolves!"
"So that area is haunted? I never liked that rug anyway."

Although his antics are amusing, it can be quite frustrating! He loves jumping out of dark rooms at me, can roll over & sleep like a baby while I lie awake in fear, & watches horror movies (he's a lifelong fan) knowing good & well that they get me stirred up further. As he sets out on his quest to debunk me through film, I can't help but hope that the right spirit will drift through & make a believer out of him! Wouldn't that be satisfying for me?!?

In the quote "It's my house, if I find a notebook I'll read it!" we were downstairs waiting on the investigation to come to a close. He saw a notebook sitting on the couch & headed over to sift through their findings. I scolded him, hence the quote. What did he find in that notebook? Apparently the TV in the living room spontaneously turned on during "lights off." He managed to throw the notebook down, grab a book, & pretend he had been leisurely reading right as the team of investigators reentered the room! I almost wish he had more time to snoop!

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  1. lol!! at daniel's quotes of the night!