Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late August 2010

The moving truck was waiting in the driveway & we were mostly packed & ready to move! I had always dreamed of living in a big old house with lots of character & this house seemed to materialize right out of my dreams.  It had plenty of room, big windows, hardwood floors, a big front porch, fireplaces galore, & interesting details that made it unique.  It was & is my dream home-- quirks & all.

I literally did not sit down for two weeks. I worked & worked until every single box was unpacked & every item was in its place.  It didn't take long at all for us to feel at home & to settle in.  The house was at least three times bigger than the log cabin that we had just left & it felt so nice to not be on top of each other all the time.  We spread out & enjoyed our ample amount of space.

Our youngest son was turning six & because our new house had so many nooks & crannies we decided to have a "Hide-and-Go-Seek" themed birthday party for him.  It was wonderful! The children & adults hid & counted & then it ended with a search for the presents. I am surprised that we are not still unearthing presents in January!

This is an overview of our first moments in the house. The only hint of haunting in the air was the eerie feeling that I got at the bottom of the stairs & my husband's observation that the house reminded him of the house in Haunting in Connecticut. Little did I know... Little did I know!

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