Sunday, January 9, 2011

Answers & Inevitably More Questions

Imagine yourself in our shoes... We sat from 7pm to 10pm & listened as the investigators made their way from room to room in our house. We would hear tidbits of what was happening, but were mostly on separate floors from the investigators throughout. The smell of burning sage wafted in & tickled our noses. The sound of their scientific gadgets clicked & the flash of cameras would light up the house every few minutes. They worked in the dark & we sat on the sidelines oblivious to what exactly was going on. Early on I picked up on the fact that there was something in our bedroom upstairs & I immediately thought back to the sensation of someone caressing my skin, the letters ARGO appearing on my phone, the pillow being pulled from under my husband's head, & all of the other things that took place there. I was tense & shaky & had a feeling that I was going to learn things that I would rather not even hear.

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting we were called into the downstairs living room to talk. Like an eager student during a lesson on their favorite subject, I sat straight in my chair & leaned in. What had they discovered? Were they going to validate my experiences? Would they have answers?

FINDING #1: One of the lead investigators pulled out a piece of equipment called Dowsing Rods to show us first hand one of her discoveries. They are copper rods that are shaped like an L & are used for many things including finding underground water, finding unmarked graves, identifying ghosts, & locating the earth's energy fields.  She held them loosely in her hands & murmured a prayer. I watched in amazement as the rods lined up parallel on a certain area of the room. She walked across the room & started from the other wall, murmuring the same whisper of a prayer as she began. The rods again moved through the air & lined up with one another. I didn't know what any of it meant & looked to her for answers. She explained that the Earth is surrounded by an energy field known as Ley Lines & that the North American Ley Line is running directly through our house. Spirits & entities travel this energy field & in turn pass right through our house. She took me through the house & showed me exactly where the line runs & it is a 3' wide tunnel that runs directly through on both floors.  The investigator explained that it is dangerous to sleep in the energy field & that it is positioned right across both upstairs bedrooms. I followed her upstairs & again the Dowsing Rods mapped out the 3' wide energy field for us to see. Apparently sleeping in the energy field is harmful to the human body because of the fact that it is being exposed to too much energy for a prolonged period of time. 

How does this explain the ghosts? Some of the ghosts that we have encountered here were traveling in the energy field... The little boy that was in the office, the growl in the hall, the man's voice saying "Get over there," and the woman gasping in our bed-- All of those occurrences happened in the energy field/Ley Lines. The uneasy feeling I got in the foyer of the house from the start? It came from the energy field as well. We, by some strange coincidence, are the blasted train station for the ghost railroad! Perhaps one of the scariest parts to me is the fact that the energy field also crosses a cemetery a few tenths of a mile away.

FINDING #2: After learning about the energy field/Ley Lines, I asked them if that was what they had been dealing with in our bedroom for so long... We sat & watched as they all exchanged glaces. I felt a bit shaky & wondered if I really wanted to know what had been touching me at night. I literally had not gotten a real night sleep in that room since the Ouija Board incident, & braced myself for the conclusions that they had drawn. "There was a portal in your bedroom." The investigator had a knack for simplifying things & helping us understand. She explained that there had been a spirit living in our bedroom & that it was an angry spirit. She assured us that they had managed to move to portal to outside & that the entity would not come in again unless invited/allowed in by us. She then took me upstairs & showed me where the portal had been... I felt nauseous when I saw that it was right at the foot of the bed(which also happened to be right on the edge of the Ley Line). I now understood why the chair from the corner of the room was sitting in the floor between the bed & the closet-- they had been communicating with him. I say him because although they said the entity would not disclose its sex, they referred to it as a male once, & explained that when the word ARGO was typed into my phone that he had probably been trying to tell me his name/last name.

FINDING #3: I asked the investigators about the ghost appearing to me on the wall while I had the Ouija Board out & she explained that there are NO ACCIDENTS. Whether it was my guardian angel, God, or whatever else, that the ghostly image appeared to me at the exact moment that I needed it to. By appearing, the ominous image of the ghost protected me from delving deeper into the dangerous world of Ouija Boards/occult practices. Had I continued with the path that I was on that day, I could have opened myself & my family up to more evil/dangerous spirits that are drawn to Ouija Boards. She also mentioned to me that she felt a loved one's presence that seemed to be checking on us, which is one positive aspect that gives me hope.

The night left us with some answers & as expected some more questions. We signed waivers that we understood that paranormal activity may pick up & grow stronger after the investigation due to the fact that they stir things up. We were educated on our options in rerouting the Ley Lines so that they do not continue to put us in jeopardy while sleeping, but also were informed that our house will always be a passage way for spirits & entities as they travel the earth. I spent another sleepless night last night thinking about the portal that was lingering somewhere outside of our house & of the energy field that was crossing my body & the bodies of the 3 people that I love most in the world. As you can see, the information from the investigation remains undigested. Within a week we will have access to the reports from the investigation including video recordings, audio recordings, photographic evidence & more. I am hoping that seeing it in writing will help me find the answers I seek.

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  1. Hrm. Not checked out their website yet, but it's obvious that was a more humanistic team. Think of it as the difference between TAPS (checking the plumbing, video, et al), and PRS (much more subjective, using methods not *quite* considered "evidence", although personally, my own experiments with dowsing were generally positive)

    thing with a humanistic team is that they don't tend to rule out before ruling in, but, on the other hand, they do notice some things that, while they wouldn't be considered scientific evidence, do end up as leads.

    Just a balanced view there from lil' ol' Jay