Friday, January 7, 2011

For the Impatient Reader

You may be tired of reading this blog already because nothing "amazing" has happened yet... Maybe you can't wait out the journey with me event by event & question by question. For those impatient people, I am providing a short list of occurrences, an overview of what is to come as I pick apart the last few months blog by blog.

-Downstairs Shower: Static rush around my legs & shower curtain moving
-Footsteps: Lots of noises, mostly at night, usually on the stairs, or upstairs when we are downstairs
-Voices: At night we hear voices. The first few nights in the house we thought that the boys were talking in their sleep, I also decided that the neighbors were possibly watching TV upstairs in their home late at night.
-Growling: I could not shake the nagging feeling that the door downstairs was unlocked. After realizing that I was not going to be able to sleep without checking it, I went down & found that the door was indeed locked as I had suspected. As I made my way up the hall toward the stairs I felt a static rush around my legs & heard a growl come from beside my ankles/legs.
-Gasp: I was awakened by the sound of my husband talking in his sleep. I watched him as he settled back into a peaceful sleep & from the bed between us I heard a woman gasp/sigh. It almost sounded like she was frightened... It was another one of those things where I heard it loud & clear but still questioned whether or not I had imagined it.
-Poked at work: I was at work one night standing alone in a secluded area of the store, & I kept getting poked. I texted my husband & told him that I had apparently taken the ghost to work with me & he said that the house was very active that night as well. This is confusing-- can a ghost be two places at once? Do we have more than one ghost?
-Boys' Bedroom: The same night that I was being poked at work, the boys heard a man's voice tell them to "Get over there!" while they were in bed trying to go to sleep. They thought it was their father, but he was downstairs in the shower at the time of the occurrence.
-Pillow: The house was quiet & the boys were "camping" in our bed with us. I was sleeping on my side & was facing the edge of the bed, the boys were in the middle, & my husband was on the other edge. He woke up & rolled over to get comfortable & warm, & his pillow was jerked out from underneath his head & thrown over my face. He could see that no one else in the bed could have done it, but it was pulled with such force that his head hit the bed with a thud.
-Fire: We woke up (at 3am of course) to the smell of something burning. After checking around the house we realized that the smell was only present in our bedroom. Everything checked out okay yet the smell was so intense & smelled exactly like a dangerous house fire. The smell suddenly disappeared without a trace.
-TV Volume: I was drying my hair in my bedroom & had Christmas music playing in the living/rec room upstairs. The power in the bedroom cut off & right as I set the hair dryer down to run downstairs & flip the switch on the breaker, the TV volume turned all the way to its max in the other room. I was the only one home.
-Argo: A day or two after the TV volume incident, I was drying my hair again & was texting a friend. I was in the middle of a message when I set the phone down to work on my hair with both hands. When I put the brush down & grabbed my phone again to resume the text message, the screen was covered in the work ARGO in all caps. ARGO ARGO ARGO ARGO. It filled the entire message. The weirdest part was that my phone was on T9Word & it was not set on all caps. I tried to type the word & it was not recognized by T9Word at all.
-Vase: I was downstairs straightening up the kitchen & in the dining room there was a vase sitting on the table against the wall. Although the floors are quite uneven in there, I was not walking anywhere near the table when the vase was picked up & smashed down onto the floor in million pieces.
-Intruders: In the middle of the night my husband & I both were jolted awake by the sound of someone storming up the stairs. It was loud, aggressive, & terrifying. After arming ourselves & investigating the noises (we were sure someone was in the house at first), we realized that the noise was now outside on the roof.
-Ouija Board/Ghost Image: I was warned to dispose of the Ouija Board as soon as I mentioned owning one. I didn't see how it would cause trouble since we had not ever played it at this house... I promised to throw it away, but soon forgot. Lately the board has been on my mind... I wanted to try it. I finally got up the courage one day while I was home alone. I got the board out, made the statement of protection & invited only spirits with good intentions to contact me only through the board... As I tried to remain calm & keep a positive outlook (as the info I googled advised) the image of a ghost appeared on the wall that I was facing. I immediately put the planchette to "GOODBYE," closed the board, & left the house. The ghost was the stereotypical image of a ghost, only it was obviously not a nice one because its mouth was drooping in a daunting way. When I got home the image was gone, but it was back again last night.
-Breathing: The morning after trying the Ouija Board (which I regret by the way), I was lying in bed trying to sleep. Every time I would drift off to sleep I would awaken with a weird sensation. I could feel myself taking a breath, could hear it as if it was not me doing it, & realized that it was being intercepted-- someone else or something else breathed the air for me. It happened at least four times & each time it was a definite occurrence. It may sound crazy, & I don't know how to explain it really, but every time I would take a breath I would hear it be taken from me & I would not receive the air that was being breathed into my lungs at all. It was similar to the sound of the woman gasping & again was not my own voice/sound.
-Little boy: The boys began seeing a little boy sitting at the desk in the office. He was a young boy & had on a striped shirt. They both saw him for a few nights in a row.
-Owl: Anyone who knows me knows how much I love owls. As soon as the Christmas decorations came down I began to arrange my new owls around the living room & also did a new art piece of an owl to hang. The day after I spent special time & care in arranging the owls, I got a call from my husband telling me that he & the boys had found a dead owl across the road from our house. I was thrilled & went & got the owl for some reason. It felt almost as if it was a gift to me. We have since buried the owl in our yard.
-Touches: Lately I have felt something touching me at night while other people are asleep. I feel the blanket separate away from my skin & I feel the sensation of something rubbing me, but when I pull the covers away, of course nothing is there.
-Ouija Board Take 2: Today I decided that it was time to follow the adamant instructions of the Paranormal Expert & throw the board away. It is a negative game that when in the wrong hands (which would be mine since they are uneducated in using it correctly) is very dangerous & invites in evil. As I headed downstairs to throw the game away with my son, it was apparent that we were being followed down the stairs. We both stopped instinctively & whatever was following us continued down the stairs. A door also slammed during this time period.
-Mario: Last night I was overwhelmed by the sound of a video game playing. It was the classic Mario theme that we have all heard time & time again. I was afraid to get out of bed to see if the boys had their DS out playing, but I knew that when I had checked on them earlier that they had been fast asleep. I passed the sounds off as my imagination & covered my ears with the pillow to block it out. This morning my son asked me if his Dad & I were playing his DS in the middle of the night. He had heard it too. I asked his brother about it & he too heard it & even accused his brother of playing DS in bed.

These are just the main occurrences that stand out in my mind.  I may add to the list as I remember... For more details about these occurrences your only choice is to stay tuned!

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