Monday, January 10, 2011


I never expected to find myself in the grips of a story that would unfold so quickly & so amazingly! A facebook friend contacted me yesterday & informed me that she had information about ghosts in the area. After playing phone tag we finally chatted this morning. I scribbled notes on my owl notepad as we talked. She gave me names of our neighbors & shared chilling stories of things that had happened there. I jotted down the information & within minutes had a lead to follow.

This information is not confirmed by records or anything yet, but I was informed only moments ago that years ago there was a family that lived in this house with the last name Argo. The man, Mr. Argo, had a tragic car accident & passed away.

Could this be? Is it possible that he typed in my phone in order to make himself known? As you saw in the previous post, I almost wondered if he had been comforting me last night & trying to soothe my fears. I am still shaking! Again, still digesting. I will write more after I can find the words!

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  1. Hrm. So the Argo thing was indeed there. Time, methinks, to look into the history/character of Mr. Argo.