Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, & More Waiting

The preliminary interviews are over & the team is shuffling through the house while we sit & wait. What exactly am I waiting for? I honestly don't know yet. From listening to them conduct their tests, I have already picked up on the fact that our bedroom is a hot spot. Chuckle if you wish, but all the action is in the bedroom! 

Later tonight we will get a chance to watch them investigate a room... Hopefully our bedroom! I am quite interested to find out what they do & what they think of the house. They are very professional & I must say that I am quite impressed.

During the interviews I was again reminded just how far apart my husband & I stand on this issue. He is quite good at explaining the occurrences away & I on the other hand fervently believe that each encounter really happened.

For now, we wait.


  1. How long will it be til they actually tell u whats going on?

  2. Not sure! They are still downstairs right now. Strange smells-- think they are burning incense.

  3. Well im biting nails here!!!! Cant imagine how anxious you are.

  4. Yes! I am so so anxious! It is strange. I imagined it being so eventful, y'know? Instead I am sitting & waiting! They just came in & said they are mostly finished with the downstairs. Maybe some answers will happen soon!